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Poster: BURNcast Date: Oct 18, 2012 4:50pm
Forum: audio Subject: Uploading .m4a Format

Years ago I uploaded over 80 episodes of a podcast I did in 2006-2008 in mp3 format.

This past week I started to update those files to include the original .m4a format as well.

Some of those files would upload on its own as "Apple Lossless Format" while others would upload as "Advanced Audio Coding".

I didn't direct this, it happened upon upload. Then I would check the files and they worked fine, no problem.

However the last 7 files I've uploaded as .m4a format do not work. They = get labeled "Apple Lossless Format" but download as "filename.m4a.mp3".

By that I mean somehow the file gets .mp3 appended to it and the file does now work either in the browser or upon download.

When I try to change the information and let Archive think it's a different type of file, it doesn't work. The .mp3 still remains.

If I download the file and remove the appended ".mp3" but keep the "m4a" the file works as it should.

Can somebody advise as to whats going on? Why is ".mp3" being appended to the file I upload and how do I prevent this and keep the file as it was originally uploaded?

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Poster: xdragonforce101 Date: Oct 23, 2012 3:32pm
Forum: audio Subject: Re: Uploading .m4a Format

I don't know why the archive is doing that, but try blocking them from derivations?

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Poster: BURNcast Date: Oct 25, 2012 5:21pm
Forum: audio Subject: Re: Uploading .m4a Format

For some reason I am unable to do that. I don't understand how I could upload files earlier in the day that worked fine but not later in the day when it would start appending the files with ".mp3". Also, when I check to see if the uploaded file works (of course it doesn't) but it also crashes the browser both at home and at work.